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Our company provides full condominium management in the Greater Edmonton Area. We manage townhomes, carriage homes, high-rises, low-rises, duplex and condominiums.

Expert Condo Management in Edmonton

At Property Management YEG, your premier choice for condo management in Edmonton, Alberta. With over 15 years of experience, We specialize in offering comprehensive condo management services tailored specifically for condominiums in the Edmonton area.

We offer comprehensive condo management solutions that encompass everything from financial management to maintenance and resident relations. Our team works hard to ensure your condo runs smoothly by handling daily tasks effectively.

What sets us apart from other companies in Alberta is our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. We have a history of getting top-rated google reviews from happy customers. They praise us for being professional and paying close attention to details. When you choose us, you can expect personalized service that emphasizes the needs of your condominium community.

We understand the complexities of condominium management and strive to provide innovative solutions that enhance property value and resident satisfaction. Whether you need assistance with financial planning, maintenance coordination, or community engagement, our service has you covered. Trust us to manage your condominium with expertise and care, and experience the difference our exceptional services can make.

Expert Condo Management in Edmonton








The Condo Management Process in Edmonton


Tailored consultations shape condo management plans to fit specific requirements, guaranteeing ideal service coordination.

Financial Oversight
Financial Oversight

To enhance financial stability and community satisfaction, we provide clear budgeting and careful financial management.

Vendor Coordination
Vendor Coordination

Simplifying vendor coordination ensures beneficial collaborations, maximizes services, and minimizes resident disruptions.

Residents Relations
Residents Relations

Promoting good resident connections leads to a peaceful community that enhances well being and a sense of belonging.

Maintenance Management
Maintenance Management

Our active maintenance management ensures property care, reducing issues and improving condo life.

Compliance with Laws
Compliance with Laws

Our main aim is to comply with the law; we ensure that we follow all laws, giving property owners and residents peace of mind.

Property Management YEG ensures a seamless process, ensuring smoothness from beginning to end. Our comprehensive approach begins with thorough assessment and planning, tailored to meet your unique needs. From there, we handle every aspect, including financial management, maintenance coordination, and resident communication.

Our team understands the importance of effective communication in condominium management. We’ll keep you updated at every stage, sharing regular news about property changes, financial reports, and community updates. This clear communication helps us and the condo board trust each other and work together. It ensures everything goes smoothly and residents are happy.

Financial management is a key aspect of our condo management process. Our team handles budgeting, accounting, and financial reporting with meticulous attention to detail. We engage in close collaboration with the condo board to establish sensible budgets and manage funds judiciously. By doing so, we aim to enhance the value of investments for all residents, ensuring their satisfaction.

Maintenance coordination is another vital component of our services. Our company’s oversees routine maintenance tasks and coordinates repairs promptly and efficiently. Our proactive approach helps prevent costly issues and ensures that your condo remains in top condition.

At our company, we focus on resident satisfaction. We provide attentive customer service, addressing inquiries and concerns promptly. We aim to make a place where residents feel appreciated and helped.

Financial reporting, efficient condo management, and transparent budgeting for long-term community development are critical components of effective financial oversight. By ensuring accurate and timely financial reporting, associations can maintain transparency and accountability. Efficient condo management streamlines operations, reduces costs, and enhances financial stability. Transparent budgeting allows stakeholders to understand resource allocation and make informed decisions. These practices build trust, manage money wisely, and help the community thrive. Effective financial oversight is paramount for achieving these objectives.
  • Outline and manage condo community budgets
  • Tracking and documenting financial transactions
  • Provide detailed and regular financial reports to stakeholders
  • Strategic fund reserve management for financial stability
  • Communities need fair assessments for growth and maintenance
  • Property owners feel secure with tax compliance
Financial Oversight
Keeping up with regular property maintenance, conducting frequent inspections, and coordinating repairs effectively are key to successful maintenance management. They ensure that the condominium complex is well-maintained, reflecting its commitment to quality. Our maintenance team maintains high standards by focusing on preventing problems, fixing issues quickly, and coordinating repairs well. We aim to maintain property value, ensure resident happiness, and create a safe, cozy living space for all.
  • Maintenance check ups prevent issues and boost property value
  • Address urgent maintenance issues swiftly
  • Collaboration with vendors yields high-quality, cost-effective solutions
  • Manage major property improvements
  • Prevention prevents maintenance issues
  • Ensure maintenance fulfils local health and safety standards
 Maintenance Management
Fostering harmony in the community through activities, open communication, positive resident engagement, and successful dispute resolution techniques is paramount to nurturing vibrant resident relations. We want to build a welcoming community where everyone feels respected and valued. We'll do this by promoting openness and mutual respect so that everyone feels heard and supported. Our proactive approach involves organizing diverse events that cater to various interests, enabling meaningful interactions, and promptly addressing concerns through transparent communication channels.
  • Organized activities and efforts build community
  • Maintain open resident-management communication
  • Peaceful life requires timely and professional conflict resolution
  • To satisfy residents, be available and responsive
  • Help residents bond by organizing events
  • Clarify community rules to ensure understanding
Resident Relation
Conformity with all legal and regulatory requirements is paramount, guaranteeing property owners' peace of mind and legal conformity. Our commitment to legal compliance spans across every facet of our operations, ensuring adherence to applicable laws, statutes, and industry regulations. From property management to lease agreements, we carefully navigate the legal landscape to safeguard our clients' interests. We stay updated on changing laws and take proactive steps to address compliance issues. This helps us lower risks and maintain the highest standards of honesty and legality. Trust in our expertise for seamless legal compliance.
  • Maintain awareness of local and state condominium laws
  • Maintain condominium community bylaws
  • Comply with vendor and resident contracts
  • Legal and regulatory requirements require precise recordkeeping
  • Manage evictions professionally and lawfully
  • Stay current on legislation and adjust policy to comply
Legal Compliance

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Our clients feedback

  • Our condos in Edmonton have been managed by this team for years with great results. Although the economy is tough, they have targeted the market, gotten the best price, and attracted the best tenants for our condos. Our property manager is professional, fair, prompt, and patient, takes on issues, and most importantly works for us. Owners receive statements and payments quickly thanks to the company's newsletters.

    Lorikin Cambell

  • Superb condo property management! They manage everything with ease. They are dependable and timely in everything from maintenance to financial matters. Excellent teamwork ensures that residents have a seamless experience. For hassle-free condo living in Edmonton, I heartily recommend using their services.

    Jennifer Rod

  • Excellent services for managing condominiums! This organization is excellent at maintaining properties and interacting with residents. They've taken care of upkeep and finances with efficiency and have improved our sense of community. Their adept crew, prompt correspondence, and constant commitment to quality make them an excellent option for Edmonton condo managers. Extremely pleased!

    Frank Mason

  • At your company exceeded all of my expectations! When I encountered a plumbing issue in the unit I was selling, they acted swiftly and effectively to resolve the problem. Within a day, they had a plumber on-site fixing the leak, and shortly after, the drywall was repaired and repainted seamlessly. Their speed and efficiency were truly remarkable. As someone who has dealt with unresponsive property management companies in the past, I was blown away by your team professionalism and communication. I cannot recommend them highly enough!


  • Your excellent team has been a game-changer for our properties. Their professionalism, transparency, and dedication to improvement have transformed our buildings for the better. From our downtown walk-up to our high-rise unit, their responsive and knowledgeable staff have made every interaction a positive one. Their referrals for contractors have been spot-on, saving us time and money. Highly recommend!


  • Working with your team has been an absolute pleasure. Their efficiency and accessibility make every interaction seamless. They promptly return calls and emails, ensuring our needs are met promptly. We couldn't be happier with their services.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find reliable companies for condo property management in Edmonton?

Property Management YEG provides full condo property management services in Edmonton. We take care of everything from maintaining your property to managing finances and communicating with residents. Our goal is to enhance the value and appeal of your condominium.

What are the benefits of outsourcing condominium property management in Edmonton?

Hiring experts to manage your condominium ensures they professionally handle maintenance, financial reporting, and resident relations. This frees up your time and boosts the value of your investment.

What distinguishes top-rated condo property management companies in Edmonton?

As one of the top-rated condo property management companies in Edmonton, our experts excel at proactive maintenance, transparent financial reporting, and responsive communication. We ensure your condominium runs smoothly and appreciates in value.

Why choose Condo Management Companies in Edmonton for professional services?

Edmonton Condo Management Companies offer professional expertise in financial management, vendor coordination, and legal compliance. We stand out because we are committed to being efficient, communicating well, and ensuring community well-being. This gives property owners peace of mind and gives residents an exceptional experience living in our condominiums.

How much do condo management companies charge?

Condo management companies typically charge a percentage of the property's monthly maintenance fees, ranging from 4% to 12%.

How to become a condo property manager?

To become a condo property manager, pursue relevant education or certification, gain experience in property management, and consider joining a professional association like the Community Associations Institute (CAI).

How to complain about condo management?

To complain about condo management, contact your condo association board or regulatory agencies such as the state's real estate commission or consumer protection agency.

What does a condo management company do?

A condo management company like Property Management YEG oversees the day-to-day operations of a condominium complex, including maintenance, repairs, financial management, and enforcing community rules and regulations.

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